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Employees are people.  And people are complicated.

At all stages of the employment relationship, we are here to advise and guide employers in the most effective way to manage the challenges of running the human side of business.

With an eye toward both effective workplace practices and avoiding costly litigation, our lawyers are available to assist with everything from day-to-day questions about responding to tricky employee situations to defending the organization and its management when a lawsuit or administrative charge is filed. Our principal areas of expertise include:

  • Defense of Discrimination, Harassment and Other Employment Practices
  • Targeted training for managers, supervisors and employees
  • Protecting confidential information and enforcing restrictive covenants
  • Audits of internal employment practices, forms and handbooks
  • Timely advice related to anticipated terminations, serious discipline and in-house investigations
  • Wage and hour counseling
  • Handling employee leave issues under the FMLA, ADAAA, and other federal and state laws

Our team, run by certified specialists in Labor & Employment Law, partners with clients to find the best solution to the problem facing them today.

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