Asbestos/Mass Torts



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For over twenty years, our attorneys have worked closely with our clients to devise litigation strategies tailored to their individual needs and industries.  Our team has experience defending complex actions regionally, as well as providing support in defense of cases nationally.  We recognize that our decisions can affect claims and defense  globally and always keep an eye to the bigger picture, our client’s business.  That is why our team is valued by the Fortune 500 companies we represent.  

We are available to assist in all aspects of complex litigation and experienced with product liability, premises liability, OSHA violations, and negligent warning claims, among others.  Our experience includes:

  • Strategic planning
  • Multi-district litigation (MDLs)
  • Developing document production, retention, and management plans
  • Handling complex document and witness discovery disputes
  • Selecting, preparing, and defending corporate representatives
  • Preparing and defending employees for deposition
  • Retaining, preparing, and cross-examining national experts in numerous fields including, but not limited to, occupational and internal medicine, epidemiology, pathology, pulmonology, radiology, toxicology, oncology, microscopy, emergency medicine, and industrial hygiene
  • Negotiating individual, group, and structured settlements

Managing the profile of a company involved in complex litigation both regionally and nationally can be as important as defending the allegations in any one case.  We work closely with our clients, National Coordinating Counsel, National Discovery Counsel, and Expert Coordinators to provide a seamless defense and explore early resolution of cases where appropriate.  Our attorneys participate in state defense groups, and state and national associations, keeping us abreast of the latest developments and trends in asbestos litigation, and our years of experience have resulted in a strong foundation of knowledge, extensive expert databases, familiarity with national and regional experts, and the ability to manage the high risk and changing environments of mass tort litigation.

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