Jonathan E. Coughlan

Of Counsel

Jon's practice focuses on assisting attorneys, judges, and bar applicants in the area of professional responsibility. His experience as a public defender, civil litigator, and prosecutor provides an unparallelled perspective to his clients. Jon previously served as Disciplinary Counsel of the Supreme Court of Ohio. He has also served as ethics defense counsel and an ethics expert. Through these experiences, he has learned that legal professionals who face challenging and difficult ethics inquiries require a highly qualified lawyer who recognizes their very livelihood and career may be at stake.

Jon consults and testifies as an ethics expert, assisting clients facing a variety of ethics issues in different legal contexts. He provides valuable insight, written reports, and testimony. He is also available to provide a seasoned approach to many other legal and ethics issues lawyers face regarding office administration, including concerns such as IOLTA management, fee agreements, file retention, and succession planning.