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Will Substitutes

A current trend in estate planning is to use Will Substitutes - devices that act like Wills, but do not need to follow the strict requirements of Wills law, such as the signature or witness requirements. Common Will Substitutes include joint checking accounts, insurance policies, and inter vivos more

Blue Chip Stock

Blue chips are the biggest, most stable, and often the most reputable companies. The term comes from casino houses, which use colored plastic chips to represent the money patrons gamble with. Traditionally, blue chips were the most more

Large Caps

Large capitalization companies, or large caps, are the biggest in the country, and often the biggest in the world. This class of stock is distiguished by a market capitalization of $10 billion or more. The lower limit of large caps used to be $5 billion, but as big companies grow bigger and inflation continues, most investors are coming to agree more

Preferred Stock

Preferred stock is as much an equity security as common stock, but it tends to behave like a debt security because it has a fixed rate of return. Because the dividend rate is fixed, the price of preferred stock tends to fluctuate along with interest rates like bonds, rather than in response to the company's business performance, except in the most dramatic more


An annuity is a life insurance product most often used as a vehicle to save for retirement or to guarantee a steady income for life. "Annuity" is a term that refers not to the product itself, but to a steady stream of payments for the rest of the purchaser' more

Durable Power of Attorney

As a rule, General, Health Care, and Special Powers of Attorney provide for a certain circumstance or set of circumstances. Any one of these contracts may be made into a Durable Power of Attorney. A durabibilty provision in a power of attorney more