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-- information of whatever sort is subject to the standard privacy policy: ANY INFORMATION SUPPLIED TO US IS TREATED CONFIDENTIALLY AND WILL BE RELEASED TO NO ONE WITHOUT YOUR EXPRESS PERMISSION UNLESS ORDERED BY A COURT OF LAWFUL JURISDICTION OR OTHERWISE REQUIRED BY VALID LAW.   The only exception is that we reserve all rights to use or reprint e-mails (especially the really, really dumb ones, the crazy ones, & the ones that demonstrate our 'PURE LEGAL Coolness'), however we want. But ONLY after they're altered to protect the sender's identity. Also, we do not use persistent "cookies" or any other tracking mechanisms that collect personally identifying information on our site. All mailing lists, or user data, or any other non-email information that you use on this site or otherwise give us is treated as confidential unless we're ordered by a legit court to hand over 'particular' user information.

If any user of this site is found to spam, hack, make illegal solicitations, or otherwise abuse this site, you, you're IP, and much more will be banned & blocked from accessing this site now & in the future.

In addition: any goods or services that may develop, offer, or sell, will be handled by a trusted and secure 3rd party, e.g. PayPal, so DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, GIVE US ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION, E.G. CREDIT CARD NUMBERS, YOUR SSN, ETC. WE DON'T WANT IT AND YOU SHOULD NOT BE GIVING THAT INFORMATION TO STRANGERS ANYWAY!

It's often difficult to protect your privacy in the virtual world. Take every measure possible to stop spam, phishing, pharming, identity theft, scams and fraud, so do not give your information to ANYONE, except those you really really trust, and even then, don't use a meduim such as the internet.

FURTHER - We do not sell, barter, trade, or otherwise divulge any information you provide to us (assuming there's no court order), to any third pary, second party, fifth party, etc, & so-on.

You're use of this site, and movement througout it, is logged in a non-personally identifying manner, this is a fact of most web sites. This information discloses no personal information and is only used by us for aggregate statistical data e.g. how many people used "X" web-browser, the number of times "Y" page was viewed, the number of times a user came from "Z" searh engine, etc.

Modifications, ammendments or corrections to Mojo Law's Privacy Policy will be made without notice, except by modification of the above information.

Please further read our Disclaimer, and our Link Policy.