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MojoLaw.com unconditionally grants license, and encourages you, your friend, your in-law's, and anyone else you may possibley know or can think of, to bookmark, link to, or otherwise promote this groovy & hip legal information site.

We don't care if you're technically 'hip' and familiar with 'social bookmarking' hot-spots like Del.icio.us, Furl, or Digg. Though these sites are super cool & all Mojo Law's staff are required to use these sites 456,371.2 times a day, and though we VERY HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you, your loved ones, your friends, associates, clients, etc., bookmark and link to us as much as possible (c'mon - all the 'cool' people are doin' it), this is just 'Fair Warning,' since it will soon be (we're pretty sure), a fedral law (even for them 'non-u.s.-folk') requiring all 'Blogs,' 'web-sites,' 'usenet group,' 'email list,' and all other 'modern technology, esp., digital & online media' give us a 'gratuitous' link or bookmark. Hey, we're just givin' you a head's up.

If you don't know how to link to us, this is how you do it:

<a href="http://www.mojolaw.com">Some Super Cool Info About Us</a>

Or, if you want to link to a particular page, e.g. this one:

<a href="http://www.mojolaw.com/linking">Mojo Law's Super Cool Link Page</a>

RSS & Atom- You are free to use or re-syndicate any and all RSS or Atom feeds that MojoLaw.com produces AS LONG AS THE RE-SYNDICATION CONTAINS A LIVE LINK BACK TO MojoLaw.com's ORIGINAL CONTENT.

As much of an imperative as it is that you link to & bookmark us & our site, we cannot, willnot & won't guarantee in any manner whatsoever, we'll link back to you, you're blog, etc. If you have a site you believe is relevant to our or a particular page or area & 'cool' enough for us to review & consider linking to, please Contact Us and let us know about your site.

If you have any questions, concerns, or are simply wondering 'how can I be as cool as mojolaw?' please Contact Us. If you have a super-cool article, essay, file, thought, or whatever, that you would like to see published on a site as cool as MojoLaw.com, contact us at our Submission Page

This site contains links from this site to independent Third Party sites. These links are provided either as a service or from an advertiser and do not necessarily represent views, thoughts, opinions or anything else of MojoLaw.com.

Modifications, ammendments or corrections to Mojo Law's Linking Policy will be made without notice, except by modification of the above information.

Last Updated: August 11, 2007

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