Legal and Illegal Fighting

Yo Logon,

Good reply, and I certainly agree that animal fighting and human fighting are different in many ways, both immediately apparant and more carefully concealed. However, I realize that I didn’t make the question clear, due to a far-too-abstract title.

The scenario I created was of two men battling in public spectacle. The contrast I sought to create was between a televised and syndicated Sport and an illegal underground streetfight. Since good old Law Day passed, I actually have found myself reflecting not only on the nature of Law as such, but specifically about the fact that this truly is a nation of laws, and what exactly this thing is that forms the very fabric of our society. (I’m probably one of about a thousand Americans who are actually affected by Law Day~guilty, as charged.)

It is not something firm and definite, like the laws of Moses are meant to be, but seems to change as readily as the hearts and minds of the American people do. Equivocate all you want over DO NOT KILL: it means what it says. But what does “the right to bear arms” mean exactly; and, more importantly, we ask ourselves often and often loudly as a nation is this still relevant???

Cockfighting is now illegal everywhere in the United States, a felony punishable by up to three years in prison. But it is said that when Themistocles was leading his Athenian warriors to victory against the Persian invaders in Ancient Greece he witnessed a wild cockfight, and thereafter great cockfights were stage annually in Athens with much ritual and celebration.

So it is not that cockfighting is abhorrent, but that we Americans have come to view it as abhorrent, and have gone and made it quite illegal (rather than pretty illegal, as it was last week.) However many Hawaiians Islanders and Pueblo Indians of New Mexico — not to mention Italians, Mexicans, French, Filipinos, Ecuadorians and many other more “warm-blooded” peoples — would argue that it is a time-honored cultural practice that perhaps represents something much more than the cruelty that, well, for the example the women of the Pacific Northwest perceive. But the people speak, the law is passed, and now cockfighting is illegal. For the moment. Worth noting, though, that less than a century ago boxing was illegal in this country; and two centuries ago Founding Fathers Washington, Jefferson and others enjoyed cockfights immensely. What is the law, then, that it changes so much?

Anyway, after all that mush, I find myself still curious why it is illegal for a man to punch another man in and underground fighting ring, while it seems to be quite legal for a man to bite off another man’s ear in a boxing ring (an cause riots in the resulting confusion). It’s a broad question I’m asking: “I wonder why…”

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