Native Resistance to Cockfighting Legislation

Predictably, cockfighters and gamebreeders in Hawai’i are upset with the new federal legislation which renders the violent sport a felony.

While progressively minded folks on the mainland may have their minds made up over the issue, the fact is that cockfighting has been practiced on the Hawaiian Islands for longer than Americans have been there. “I think my cultural rights are being discriminated against,” says John Cambra, a 53 year-old Hawaiian native of Hahalu’u and currently the largest gamebreeder in the state. “What? Are they going to go after hunters for hunting or fishermen for fishing? Is that cruel? We need to take a look at this law.”

Similar sentiments are expressed among native populations in New Mexico and Louisiana, where cockfighting was maintained as a cultural tradition until recently. It is interesting how we see, again and again, that when a native custom is wrong in the eyes of Christendom, then it’s wrong period. So cockfighting goes the way of cannibalism, animal sacrifice, spouse-sharing and other untidy ancient practices, and the world becomes a little more decent fer everyone.

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