Connecticut Passes Energy Reform Bill, 128-19

Connecticut is taking the task of creating a more energy-efficient America seriously.

The bill that passed in Connecticut’s senate yesterday creates rebates for households that buy new energy-efficient heating equipment and air conditioners, requires state agencies to study and critically evaluate the current performance of power plants and requires agencies to accurately estimate how many employees are necessary for peak performance of power plants, as well as how and when new technology will be best implemented.

Further, the bill sets new and stricter requirements for energy-efficient schools and state buildings, as well as for high-consumption products such as refrigerators, walk-in freezers, pool heaters, and portable electric spas. The bill establishes tax exemptions for fuel-efficient and hybrid vehicles and redirects over $95 million to conservation and clean energy funds.

Studies will also be conducted to determine the peak times of power usage and, based on this information, the bill creates a system which intends to charge customers based on the time of day they use power. This, combined with efforts to implement new methods and new technology such as microturbines and fuel cells, will go a long way towards insuring that Connecticut faces as few power outages as possible, this summer and in years to come.

If only more states would legislate measures such as this, the United States would go a long way towards cleaning up its energy act ~ economically and environmentally.

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