Bush Denies Requests For Testimony

As predicted, the President has invoked executive privilege to prevent the testimony of former White House counsel Harriet Miers and former White House political director Sara Taylor before the House Judiciary Committee and Senate Judiciary Committee that are investigating the questionable firing of nine US Attorneys. It is suspected that the attorneys were fired for political reasons, particularly because they objected to the administration’s attempts to undermine “voter fraud” cases as part of a broader push to make it harder for elderly, low-income and minority citizens to cast ballots.

Michigan Congressman John Conyers, and Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy, the chairs of the investigating committees have said that inquiries into whether the administration used the Justice Department for political purposes must be open and above board.

Nevertheless, the White House continues to obfuscate, hem, haw, chose friends and allies over law and justice. Criticizing this administration’s bizarre, clubhouse behavior is as easy as shooting fish in a barrel – and about as effective as using a cap gun.

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