Schlozman to Revise Testimony Before No Confidence Vote

It is only fitting that, on the Friday afternoon before Monday’s no confidence vote on Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, Bradley Schlozman appears poised to revise his testimony before the Senate. If you will recall, Mr. Schlozman served for three years in the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division before receiving a controversial recess appointment for the United States Attorney position in Western Missouri. Many have speculated that the appointment was at the behest of Karl Rove.

Mr. Schlozman’s activities while at the Civil Rights Division were suspect, to say the least, and he played more than a bit part in the alleged politalization of the Justice Department. The revised testimony, as reported by Bloomberg, centers around an indictment Mr. Schlozman released shortly before the 2006 election.

When questioned by the Senate over the indictment of the left leaning voter registration group Acorn, Mr. Scholzman’s answer implied that the indictment was at the direction of the department’s Public Integrity Section. It was a refrain he repeated again and again throughout his testimony (though the frequency of the answer in no way approached the number of times he stated “I don’t recall” or some variation). While the revision will not admit the original testimony was wrong, it will clarify that the Public Integrity section was not involved in hastening the indictment.

Reportedly, public integrity lawyers, who handle sensitive issues dealing with politicians and judges, are infuriated by Mr. Schlozman’s fingering of their department. Much like the denigration of the United States Attorneys, accomplished attorneys who the Justice Department originally claimed were fired for “performance related,” it appears that the administration has tried to shift the blame onto the wrong people once again.

The old Rove tactic of blaming one’s political enemies or inferiors while accepting no responsibility for one’s own actions has worn thin over these long years. The administration, and especially the Jusice Department, is running out of people who are willing to take a fall for “the team.” Now, career professionals who have dedicated their distinguished careers to public service are being fingered for the rank political actions of hacks and lackeys. Let’s hope that on Monday the Senate, Republicans and Democrats, will stand up to this abhorrent behavior and hasten the resignation of Mr. Gonzales.

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