The Astronaut and the Insanity Defense

Former NASA astronaut Lisa Nowak – the woman who, to our shock and guilty little delight, stalked and attacked her romantic rival, Captain Colleen Shipman, at the conclusion of an astronautic love triangle – will use the insanity defense in her trial.

Nowak claims that she is sane now and competent for her trial, but that she was quite insane when she armed herself with a knife, pepper spray, a wig and a trenchcoat, and drove all the way from Houston, TX wearing diapers (so she wouldn’t have to stop as often) to meet her rival at the airport in Orlando, FL. Okay, so far so good.

Nowak is facing charges of attempted kidnapping, battery and burglary. Her trial is scheduled for September 24th.

Nowak claims that she suffered from psychiatric problems at the time of her crime, including obsessive compulsive disorder, a major depressive disorder that caused weight loss equaling 15% of her body mass, and a brief psychiatric disorder which produced a mixed manic and depressive-like state. Her defense hopes that these claims will either partially or fully excuse her behavior. It remains to be seen whether these circumstances can be presented in a strong enough light to convince the judge and jury that anyone, really, might have succumbed to them and attacked her rival lover.

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