Gonzales Resigns

Alberto GonzalesMr. Gonzales will announce his resignation as Attorney General today, bringing to an end an era of nearly unparalleled incompetence and dishonesty in our highest legal office. Mr. Gonzales has offered false testimony to Congress on numerous occasions and a variety of topics while presiding over the politicization of the Justice Department and the stripping of civil and legal rights from citizens.

Mr. Gonzales has always been a Bush loyalist, placing fealty to the boss above the rule of law. Whether dealing with the voting rights of minorities or the torture of prisoners, under Mr. Gonzales and others the law was always seen to be at most an inconvenience that should be manipulated to further their reach for power. Mr. Gonzales’ reign at the Justice Department has been a disgrace to our country’s founding principles and will leave a stain upon the legal profession.

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