The Pervasive Reach of Karl Rove

The Washington Post details today the extent of Karl Rove’s program that put tax money to work promoting the interests of the Republican Party. Currently under investigation by Congress, the program funneled government money to swing districts and used agency heads to promote the interests of local candidates (a liaison to Interior said, “Sometimes these folks need to be reminded who they work for and how their geographic travel can benefit the President.”).

The article asserts that Mr. Rove was constantly in contact with lawyers who ok’d the legality of the program. While a true accounting can only follow a full investigation and the presentation of the legal justifications in a public forum, we have learned to take this Administration’s legal theories with a grain of salt. Mr. Rove, after all, was involved in purging perceived ideological impurities from the Attorney General’s Office, and the Administration constantly puts forth specious and circular reasoning in defense of its national security and detainment policies. Mr. Rove has shown himself to be a man who believes not in the rule of law but in the law as simply another tool to further power.

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