Rove’s Resignation

There has been much speculation on Mr. Rove’s sudden resignation today and I have little to add, but I couldn’t let the announcement pass without comment. Mr. Rove, in both his successes and failures, has been a major force in reshaping our political landscape, and we will must likely be grappling with the influence he has had for years to come.

Mr. Rove, beginning in the early nineties, has been a major force in the souring of our political debate. He has employed a scorched earth campaign style built on tearing down the opposition and sullying reputations. Whether implying that Ann Richards was a lesbian, insinuating that a respected judge was a pedophile, fabricating an illegitimate mix-raced child for John McCain, or painting Democrats as traitors, Mr. Rove has always poisoned the elections he is involved in. Unfortunately, while the fang may have been removed, the toxin still courses through our body politic.

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