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The Hill today posted what was described as a “wide ranging” interview today with Senator Joe Lieberman, following the mainstream media’s seemingly constant practice of giving this shameful senator a platform. Mr. Lieberman, once considered a moderate democrat, has become one of the primary water carriers for the Bush Administration, slavishly parroting GOP talking points to use against his one-time peers and allies, the Democrats.

Mr. Lieberman stated, “There is a very strong group within the [Democratic] party that I think doesn’t take the threat of Islamist terrorism seriously enough.” First, the claim that the Democratic party does not take the threat of terrorism seriously is one of the rankest forms of GOP partisanship – partisanship that has poisoned our current debate and largely helped slow a change in Iraq policy over the last several years. While some members of the Democratic party do advocate immediate withdrawal, the vast majority of the party simply recognizes our current strategy has not been working for years and is trying to fix the disastrous situation the Administration has created in the Middle East. By characterizing such efforts at change as “surrender” or “retreat,” political opponents (who are more worried about politics than actual reality) do little more than insure we will continue to bleed at our current rate. By giving voice to such unfounded opinions, the media too is culpable for the morass we find ourselves.

Second, Mr. Lieberman has proven himself to be one of the least credible prognosticators on the Iraq war – why his opinion on matters of foreign policy and national security is given any credence is beyond reckoning. His thinly-veiled and constant threats to switch parties are a betrayal to the voters who sent him to the Senate under his promise that he would vote with the Democrats. Should the Democrats gain a more secure hold on the Senate in the next election, they should jettison Mr. Lieberman.

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