Today I was reading about mediation as an alternative to litigation. It’s a surprising suggestion, but it seems that the majority of incidents that lead people to civil courts, small claims courts, and often even criminal courts (in the case of minor offenses, of course) can be solved quickly, cordially, and far more cheaply through the help of professional mediators. It’s like relationship counseling, except it’s actually legal disagreement counseling.

There’s so much fascinating information about this subject that it might be worth a whole article – or a series of articles – but the two things that are most exciting are,

1) The idea that a $50,000 court bill could be reduced to $500 in mediation fees, and

2) The idea that responsible, reasonable adults might so easily take their serious disputes into their own hands and solve their problems and disagreements between them. This is, after all, a nation founded on the precepts of self-governance.

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