Involuntary Intoxication, Maybe

Oh, intoxication. Is there any problem you can’t not solve? As it turns out, the majority of idiotic criminal actions that that might seem like a really great idea to a drunk person are numbered among these. At least if the intoxication was voluntary. It doesn’t matter if you never met that guy and don’t remember his face or what happened – if you punched him, you can’t use your drunken state as a legitimate justification of your actions. The criminal law basically expects you to take responsibility for your decisions and actions at all times, and that includes the times when you decide to put yourself in a state that makes you do stupid actions.

Involuntary intoxication, on the other hand, is another story and can often be successfully employed as a justification. So ladies, you can probably get away with gouging that guy’s eyes out after he gets you drunk. Just cry a little and say it was all involuntary. No I’m kidding! Geez.