Happy Law Day!

Well, it’s national Law Day again in America! In 1958 the leaders of our country determined that Americans need a reason to celebrate May 1st that’s deliciously American … largely because May Day is the most important day on the socialist calendar. Law Day is intended as an opportunity to reflect on the privilege we all enjoy by living in a nation not of rulers, but of laws. The president delivers an address, and the day passes generally unobserved, like gravity.

This year, President Bush issued a proclamation on Law Day, to this effect:

“Our Nation is built upon the rule of law and guided by our founding promise of freedom, equality, and justice for all. Law Day is an opportunity to celebrate the Constitution and the laws that protect our rights and liberties and to recognize our responsibility as citizens to uphold the values of a free and just society. Generations of Americans have served the cause of justice and shaped our legal institutions to ensure that the blessings of liberty extend to every citizen.”

There is some irony in these words being spoken by Bush. How does this proclamation stand up beside the Enemy Combatant Doctrine, which allows people to be held indefinitely without trial by law? Or the more chilling Unitary Executive Doctrine, which delineates areas in which the President may ask however he wishes, no matter what Congress or the American people say?

This Law Day, we might want to stop and take notice for a change – and question whether something might be floating away.

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