U.S. Extends More Visas to Iraqi Translators

Finally, the United States has taken a move in the right direction and increased the number of visas it extends to Iraqi translators. The government now issues 50 visas a year to translators who have worked for one year or more for the U.S. Military: late yesterday, the Senate authorized 500 such visas to be issued over the next two years.

This is justice. Iraqis who translate for the U.S. Military are prime targets for assassination and insurgent attacks, making the life-expectancy of those Iraqis who dared to assist U.S. forces terrifyingly low in an increasingly violent and chaotic country. The message our enemies wish to convey is that aiding the United States in Iraq is a death sentence.

It is fair and just for the United States to offer amnesty within our nation’s borders for these men and women who risked their lives — and continue to risk them — for American Interests in Iraq.

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