Amadinejad Sure Is Shrewd

While most of the world breathes a collective sigh of relief as the specter of war with Iran recedes a little, President Amadinejad wasted no time in making what I think is a rather shocking proposal this afternoon, at a meeting of judiciary chiefs from Islamic countries. He suggested nothing less than an international Islamic court of criminal justice, which would be empowered to try national entities and political leaders for war crimes.

While the idea of George Bush, Dick Cheney and especially Don Rumsfeld being tried as war criminals before the world’s eyes tickles my liberal sensibilities pink, the realist in me nevertheless finds reason for alarm in these words. The basis for Amadinejad’s suggestion is that the UN is “corrupt” — or rather, that it’s run by Westerners, for Westerners, and is inherently designed to allow Westerners free reign to dominate the rest of the world. He’s probably right. Part right, anyway. However, if the Islamic nations of the world were to pull away from the UN and form their own courts (which would inevitably find Western powers guilty of all sorts of crimes which they are, in fact, guilty of), this would create a dire new security crisis in the world. And, in fact, be a huge step towards re-establishing the Caliphate.

I think, however, that the majority of Islamic nations are still quite solidly “moderate” enough to pay little more than ear-service to such a proposal.

On the other hand, suggestions like this from Amadinejad do remind us that suspending a quest for nuclear weapons is not at all the same as cancelling that quest.

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