Sometimes I feel like our country acts like a big, ugly chode. Especially when it comes to foreign policy, and especially when it comes to our current administration’s attitude towards foreign policy. But when one part of our government highlights this all on its own, it makes me feel better. Perhaps you feel the same.

Like today. Despite all the Newsweek and Time magazine headlines, despite the venom and spit from not only our own administration, but France, England and (especially) Israel, Stephen J. Hadley, our nation’s National Security Adviser, issued a statement to the effect of: all 16 of our nation’s spy agencies have independently and jointly concluded that Iran halted its nuclear weapons program in 2003. Iran is still vigorously pursuing its goal of a civilian nuclear energy program, but (currently) has absolutely no intention of creating a weapon.

This is exactly what President Amedinejad has been telling the world for years.

This makes me want to spit at the feet of the American (and Israeli) warmongers who are so broke for creative ideas for economic stimulation and so impoverished in the field of human compassion that they can only turn to the tired old money-making machine of war to keep our fat, greedy “Holiday” (read: “shopping”) spirit churning. Or whatever. A war with Iran would certainly keep our blade whetted, and it would generate enormous revenue for vast swaths of the American economy (not just Halliburton & Oil Companies, kids) stimulate the markets with powerful growth, and allow all of us to keep buying and buying, as the past six years of war have done. I mean, let’s face it: war is GREAT for business. (Remember those signs after 9/11, “America: Still In Business”?)

But there is a debt that accumulates from these military ventures. Not just financial. In the currency of world prestige, we are already running a tremendous deficit, and that spells danger for our children. Another pointless, unjust war with Iran would keep gas not only in our SUVs, but in our Priuses and Hondas, it would allow us to keep buying insurance and keep aspiring for upward mobility. But the hatred and outrage we generate while we do these things will come back to haunt us. With interest.

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