Perforated Border – Afghanistan & Pakistan

While it’s really no secret that the intense fighting engaging our troops in eastern Afghanistan at the moment is the product of an open border with Pakistan, I was just talking with a friend of mine who was over there recently and the man says it’s a lot more serious than that. I read a Newsweek article last month which reported that Pakistan is at the very least turning a blind eye to Al Qaeda and Taliban operations in its western tribal areas, and suggested that something else is going on. My friend says, without any hesitation, “Alone, Afghanistan would just be a political mess, a security problem. With Pakistan’s help, it’s a full scale war.” But what interest does Pakistan have in tying down U.S. forces with a protracted conflict in Afghanistan? Aren’t our two nations supposed to be allies in this War on Terror? Isn’t Musharraf enforcing martial law in his nation at the moment explicitly to counter “terrorism”?

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