Sarkozy’s Speech to Congress

Nicolas Sarkozy is a charming man, and thank god for it. As relations with Britain cool down in the wake of Blair’s departure from office, it seems a new spirit of friendship has risen between the United States and her oldest ally, Le France. Our nation could use at least one strong friendship among the powerful nations of the E.U. — I fear the consequences of persistent and uninformed disdain between ourselves and our European counterparts …

If you have the chance to read the speech that Sarkozy delivered before Congress today at Mount Vernon, I sincerely recommend it. The first few pages are charming, poignant, and the sort of thing that makes you feel as warm as a half-bottle of fine Vin. The last quarter of the speech is a bit alarming, but I am, I’ll admit, a bit of an alarmist. Did Sarkozy just say, “Guys, we reeeeally really like you, and really, really appreciate what you did for us in the World Wars. . . and we really want to keep getting along, but, FYI, we’re going to start rearming now. In fact, Europe has been united under a much stronger new government than anything we’ve seen so far, and the entire continent is going to be rearming so that we can defend ourselves against. . . Threats. You know. Anyway, we all believe the same things anyway, right? So there’s nothing wrong and we’re all friends.”

Where will America stand in thirty years? America, please be wise.

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