U.S. Will Continue Aid To Pakistan

Despite repeated human rights violations and a general declaration of a state of emergency in Pakistan, Condoleezza Rice announced today that the U.S. will continue offering billions of dollars in military aid to General Musharaff’s questionable government.

Rice’s message seemed to suggest that, despite everything, Pakistan is still most valuable to the American people as an ally in the War On Terror. “We have to be cognizant,” said Secretary Rice, “that a great deal of our money is going directly to the fight against terrorist operatives in the western mountains of Pakistan.”

What clashes with this reasoning is mounting evidence that Pakistan’s military — and her society in general — is growing increasingly indifferent to, and in many cases supportive of Taliban and Al Qaeda activities within Pakistan’s borders. Is the money going to fight terrorists, or is it going to buy a waning ally’s allegiance for a few months?

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