Leave Turkey Alone

Congress seems to be operating with the same level of international acumen as Bush this week. Why, why, would Congress specifically focus on the World War I-era killings of over 1 million Armenians now? Why take the time to stop and label what Turkey wants to call a “great massacre” as “genocide”? That term has powerful implications in the UN. Further, the government that actually killed the Armenians — the Ottoman Empire — is now nothing but history. The modern nation of Turkey is a member of NATO and a staunch ally of the West, the only truly moderate and progressive Islamic nation in the world, and a critical player in our nations operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Why accuse the Turkish people of genocide now? What does this accomplish except enraging our ally (who has withdrawn its ambassador for 10 days over the issue) and allowing Congressmembers to feel righteous for a moment, in the wake of their colossal moral failures over the past few months and years, by accusing a friend of evils that we ourselves are being accused of in the Arab world. It’s all pretty f***ed.

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