Musharraf Maintains Power


Musharraf, the military dictator – er, President? – of Pakistan, has made it through the latest set of rigged elections, and remains in control of his country. For now. Only one opposition party was allowed to participate in the elections, and that party boycotted this round in protest of unfair practices. Musharraf won by a whopping 98% (why wasn’t it 100%?) of nearly 700 ballots according to The only thing that will challenge Musharraf’s next five years of presidency in the short term is the Supreme Court of Pakistan, which will hold hearings over the next couple of weeks to decide whether Musharraf had the right to run for the presidency in the first place.

Unfair. Unconstitutional. Yes. At the same time, all Westerners might take a moment to reflect on the short-term benefits of having a pro-Western president holding office in Islamabad. Pakistan’s nuclear weapons appear to be safely pointed away from Western (or perhaps, Israeli) people for the moment.

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