Late-Night Shudder: The Middle East!

Whenever I approach an issue that is obviously vast and foreboding, I have to give a verbal shudder.


*Shudder* There. Now, it’s already old news that Israel sent a strike force of F-16s into Syria last week and “dropped something.” This incident is apparently being covered up with a shocking and unusual amount of vigor, however, while there are no “reliable” and “official” leaks, the world is finding out what it wants to know. Without missing a beat, Netanyahu, the opposition leader against Ehud Olmert’s administration, announced that the incursion was in fact a raid against the North Korea-sponsored nuclear program currently underway in Syria (Netanyahu’s announcement has been denounced by several Israeli officials as nearly traitorous).

It’s fairly understandable why Israel would want to prevent its hostile neighbors from developing nuclear weapons. Israel is a small country. There are currently – and I find this number rather eerie – approximately 6 million Jews packed into a narrow strip of eastern Mediterranean coastline. A few nuclear explosions could kill almost all of them, 6 million Jews, approximately the same number that died in the Holocaust. I believe that nothing is taken more serious by the Israeli people – by the Jewish people, perhaps – than the simple precept Never Again. Ergo, bombs in Syria.

And the threat of war between the United States and Iran? This is what I find alarming.

I have no conclusion to this thought, I’m afraid, nothing smug, intelligent, or particularly thought-provoking. Ah, well, perhaps a sort of childish outcry…

Why do I feel uncomfortable with the idea of US forces preemptively attacking Iran if it “looks like” they’re developing weapons of mass destruction? Why does this just make my skin crawl?

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