Illegal Immigration Proposal Still Far From Becoming Law

The glow of accomplishment is fading from the recent bipartisan Illegal Immigration reform agreement. As newspapers and political organizations churn through the agreement, it’s becoming more and more clear that, while the bill infuriates no one, it doesn’t please anyone either.

Immigrant rights groups object to families being torn apart and border security being increased to inhumane levels; opponants of illegal immigration object to what looks like Amnesty being granted to the United States’ estimated 12 to 20 million illegal immigrants. Supporters and opponants of illegal immigrants are equally unsatisfied… but no one has left the table yet.

The Washington Times reports that its own survey of Senate offices “found 17 senators supporting the current bill and another two who lean toward supporting it; 17 who oppose it; 22 who have concerns; and 32 senators who are still reviewing it.

Finally, in early surveys of illegal immigrants themselves, it already seems clear that a great many may prefer business as usual to an exhaustive and drawn-out system of fees, licenses and relocation. Reactions range from guarded optimism in some, to open laughter at the idea that such a policy reform could actually take effect.

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