Citizens By Blood or Skill?

One of the most controversial points in the new immigration proposal is the reformed basis on which Greencards will be granted.

In the past, approval for Greencard status rested heavily on family ties; now, in a measure more agreeable to the Republican camp, Greencard status will be determined primarily based on the applicant’s education and skill-set. The more advanced and specialized these are, the more readily Greencards will be issued.

The thinking is that this will not only encourage education and self-betterment for citizen-hopefuls, but also draw a more useful immigrant population in general to the US, and end the much-hated (by Republicans) “chain migration” effect, in which streams of family members follow first-comers without necessarily bringing anything of value to the United States economy.

Democrats are naturally offended by the prospect of tearing families apart simply on the basis of individuals’ economic value, and rightly so. It truly would be a nicer world in which this never happened. But it seems ever the mandate of Democrats to act as America’s beating Heart, and Republicans as its thinking Head; and, in this case, I think the Head has judged wisely, and in the best interest of the nation as a whole.

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