Big Pharma Wins, Again

Legislation that would have allowed prescription drugs to be imported to the United States and purchased for much lower prices here was crushed in the Senate yesterday. In a 49-40 vote, the Senate ruled that the administration must go out of their way to certify the safety and effectiveness of imported drugs before they can be sold to the public – a requirement that simply cannot be met.

“Well, once again the big drug companies have proved that they are the most powerful and best-financed lobby in Washington,” said Sen. David Vitter (R., La.).

It is difficult to understand how pharmaceutical companies can justify this kind of policy to the public. Rather than striving to find ever cheaper and more effective ways to manufacture and distribute vital prescription to ailing human beings, these companies behave like gangsters who extort as high a price from those they’re trying to “help” as they can without openly being declared robbers and thieves. While big pharmaceutical policy is clearly legal in this country (or super-legal, really), it hardly seems just for a company to force sick people to pay extra money for something they could buy cheaper somewhere else … especially while the stated purpose of that company is to help and heal.

How can the intention to heal occur when it is matched up against greed?

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