Clinton’s Tired “Experience” Tack

Obama has made the claim that the time he spent living in Indonesia as a boy has given him insight into the way that people around the world think and live. This seems particularly valid, considering that Indonesia is a Muslim nation (in fact, the most populous Muslim nation in the world). Today, many Westerners are beginning to see this absurdly named “War On Terror” as actually a warm on Islam — a position that many devout Muslims around the world have held for a good long time (this belief was one of the causes of the 9/11 attack). This attitude is horrific and divisive. There is nothing fundamentally wrong with Islam – one of the sister religions of Christianity and Judaism – and the only way to avoid a protracted, bloody, world-wide conflict stretching well into our children’s adulthood is to come to understand this. The more the cops treat poor ‘hood kids like criminals, the more inclined they are to become criminals. The more haughty Westerners with their “humanitarian values” treat Muslims like irrational extremists, the more inclined they are to blow the hell out of us.

Obama understands this. With his presidency would come reconciliation.

The “Experience” that Clinton talks about is nothing more than time in the White House as the first lady, during which she was not an official in the foreign service, nor the secretary of the treasury, nor responsible for any other office. The “Experience” she has is nothing more than the same dogma that dominates the bigoted Western financial-industrialist elite that rule this country.

“There are a couple guys named Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld who had two of the longest resumes in Washington and led us into the biggest foreign policy disaster of a generation,” Obama said at a campaign stop in Alton, New Hampshire. “So a long resume doesn’t guarantee good judgment. A long resume says nothing about your character.”

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