Gonzales Cracks Down On Crime… Some Crime, Anyway

While he was ignoring his subpoena today, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales took the time to unveil a new Department of Justice effort to support federal, state and local law enforcement agencies in their fight against violent crime. Part of the Department’s Initiative for Safer Communities, his announcement calls for more prosecutors, more training, more funds, and a crackdown on America’s most violent criminals. In his own words:

It is hard to hope, and it is hard to pursue your dreams, if you live in fear and grow up in a neighborhood that is weighed down by gangs and violent crime. Since each community faces unique challenges when it comes to violent crime, partnerships among local law enforcement and community groups that tailor answers to that community are critical. The federal government can, however, offer some unique assistance. Today, I am calling for a refocus and an increase in intensity of violent-crime-fighting efforts at the federal level.

These efforts to counter violent crime with renewed intensity and vigor are commendable, certainly. Exactly what one should expect from an Attorney General. And spurning a legal subpoena?