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November 30, 2007

Counterinsurgency Field Manual

Filed under: War - 30 Nov 2007

Baghdad, Baqubah, Basra and Iraq in general have by no means settled down and become peaceful. Roadside bombs are killing American soldiers, suicide bombs are massacring Iraqi civilians and police. But some progress is being made, as is …

Truce In Baghdad Seems To Hold

Filed under: Iraq,War - 30 Nov 2007

When additional American forces were deployed to Iraq, many of them were assigned to the impoverished neighborhood called Sadr City, where the Mahdi Army (Jaish al-Mahdi, or “JAM” in American military shorthand) has been attempting to establish itself as the …

November 17, 2007

Democrats Micromanaging the War

Filed under: War - 17 Nov 2007

The Democrats continue to delay in delivering the money that Bush has requested for military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. While the intentions behind this action are perhaps commendable — to force Bush to withdraw troops from the region …

October 22, 2007

Bush Requests Additional $46 Billion For Wars

Filed under: Bush,International,Iraq,Military,War - 22 Oct 2007

Essentially re-requesting the amount he wanted for the war this fiscal year by requesting the difference (and then some), Bush is playing on our feelings of common sense and sympathy to obtain the funding that General Petraeus recommended for the …

October 8, 2007

Brown’s Britain Withdraws Further

Filed under: Ethics,Military,News,Politics,War - 08 Oct 2007

At the beginning of the invasion of Iraq, the United Kingdom had committed almost 50,000 troops to the war effort. Now, there are only 5,500. Stabilization in the region – as well as the tremendous unpopularity of the …

October 6, 2007

Musharraf Maintains Power

Filed under: Elections,International,Voting,War - 06 Oct 2007


Musharraf, the military dictator – er, President? – of Pakistan, has made it through the latest set of rigged elections, and remains in control of his country. For now. Only one opposition party was allowed to participate in …

October 2, 2007

Outsourcing Our Military

Filed under: Congress,Iraq,Military,News,War - 02 Oct 2007

As today’s Congressional hearings on Blackwater begin I highly recommend reading the latest article on the role of military contractors in Iraq. The depth of their involvement is breathtaking and the problems caused by this involvement may be …

October 1, 2007

Senate Approves $150 Billion War Bill

Filed under: Bush,Congress,Military,War - 01 Oct 2007

Not as high as the $190 billion proposal Bush’s administration would have preferred, the $150 billion war budget just passed in the Senate (92 – 3) will go a long way towards keeping the war running strong for the coming …

September 29, 2007

Budget Problems for Bush

According to VOA news, Congress did not approve Bush’s budget for the coming fiscal year. As a result, Bush is signing emergency legislation to keep the government functioning for the next seven weeks.

The main disagreement seems to be over …

September 3, 2007

Bush Hints At Troop Withdrawals

Filed under: Bush,Iraq,Military,War - 03 Sep 2007

Is is a ploy? Am I mishearing? Or did the President, in a surprise visit to Iraq yesterday, comment that if security continues to improve in the country then troop withdrawals may begin sooner than expected? The …

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