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September 14, 2007

State Crime

Filed under: Crime,Criminal Law,State Law - 14 Sep 2007

It would seem that the definition of state crime is straightforward: any state-sanctioned conduct by individuals or organizations representing the state that’s in violation of the ethical standards by which the state operates might be categorized as state crime. …

August 25, 2007

IL Gets Tough On Drunk Driving

Filed under: News,State Law,State Legislation - 25 Aug 2007

First time drunken-driving offenders in Illinois will now will have to pass a breath test every time they get behind the wheel, under legislation signed into law Friday.

The measure, among the strictest in the nation, would require an estimated 30,000 …

August 23, 2007

Rape Suspects In NY Can Be Forced To Take HIV Tests

Filed under: Law,News,State Law - 23 Aug 2007

New York Governor Eliot Spitzer signed a bill today that will require suspects of rape to undergo HIV testing, at the victim’s request. Results would be available to both the victim and the suspect.

Most states already allow – …

July 24, 2007

Washington State Legalizes Same-Sex Domestic Partnerships

Filed under: Civil Rights,State Law - 24 Jul 2007

Washington state yesterday put into effect new legislation that legally recognizes same-sex domestic partnerships. Registering as domestic partners does not yield as many rights as traditionally married couples enjoy, nor even as many as the civil unions that are …

July 7, 2007

New Jersey Responds To Global Warming

Filed under: State Law - 07 Jul 2007

New Jersey is poised to become the second state, after California, to enact a comprehensive plan to limit its greenhouse gas emissions.

he legislation requires the state to reduce global warming gases to 1990 levels by 2020, and to ensure that …

July 5, 2007

Bootlegging Becomes A Misdemeanor In New York

Filed under: Local Law,Misdemeanor,State Law - 05 Jul 2007

If any of you have traversed the subterranean train stations of New York City in recent years, you’re familiar with the ubiquitous blanket display of bootlegged movies, some only released a day or two earlier. This scene may become …

June 4, 2007

Considering Federal Preemption

Filed under: Federal Law,State Law - 04 Jun 2007

I just read that the topic of federal preemption was considered arcane only a few years ago. This surprised me, since the issue seems to pop up all over the news these days, particularly regarding immigration, clean air laws, …

June 2, 2007

Connecticut Passes Energy Reform Bill, 128-19

Filed under: Environment,EPA,State Law - 02 Jun 2007

Connecticut is taking the task of creating a more energy-efficient America seriously.

The bill that passed in Connecticut’s senate yesterday creates rebates for households that buy new energy-efficient heating equipment and air conditioners, requires state agencies to study and …

May 24, 2007

California’s Clean Air Policy Influences Neighbor States

Filed under: Environment,State Law - 24 May 2007

Already the state with the strictest pollution laws in the nation, California is now using its clout to influence the pollution laws of other states. In a sense.

For the most part, California has phased out coal-fired generators …

May 7, 2007

Native Resistance to Cockfighting Legislation

Filed under: Animals,Local Law,State Law,Violence - 07 May 2007

Predictably, cockfighters and gamebreeders in Hawai’i are upset with the new federal legislation which renders the violent sport a felony.

While progressively minded folks on the mainland may have their minds made up over the issue, the fact is …