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September 29, 2007

Budget Problems for Bush

According to VOA news, Congress did not approve Bush’s budget for the coming fiscal year. As a result, Bush is signing emergency legislation to keep the government functioning for the next seven weeks.

The main disagreement seems to be over …

July 19, 2007

A Failure In Policy

Filed under: Iraq,Military,Politics,Senate - 19 Jul 2007

As expected, the all-night debate in the Senate failed to push a preemptive bill forward that would require the beginning of troop withdrawals in only three months. A vote of 52-46 was not enough to achieve the supermajority necessary …

July 18, 2007

The Debate of Forking Paths

Filed under: Iraq,Senate,War - 18 Jul 2007

Last night the Senate debated the Iraq war through the night. What much of the main stream media has neglected to mention is that this long parliamentary night is a result of Republican obstructionism on Congress’ attempt to provide …

July 17, 2007

A Long Night In The Senate

Filed under: Military,Senate - 17 Jul 2007

The Senate is waging an all-night debate to try to force the withdrawal of American troops from Iraq. The bill being debated – a plan to begin withdrawal of US combat troops in 120 days and complete the withdrawal …

June 27, 2007

Immigration Bill On the Edge

Filed under: Bush,Immigration,News,Senate - 27 Jun 2007

The Senate Immigration bill is rapidly losing support from both left and right wing supporters as it moves towards a crucial vote today. The bill is a top priority for the Bush administration, but the Republican party resolution disapproving …

June 8, 2007

Schlozman to Revise Testimony Before No Confidence Vote

Filed under: Civil Rights,DOJ,News,Senate,White House - 08 Jun 2007

It is only fitting that, on the Friday afternoon before Monday’s no confidence vote on Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, Bradley Schlozman appears poised to revise his testimony before the Senate. If you will recall, Mr. Schlozman served for three …

June 7, 2007

Senate Vote Hinders Immigration Bill

Filed under: Immigration,Senate - 07 Jun 2007

Early this morning the Senate voted to put a five-year limit on the guest worker program that would be part of the new Immigration Bill. It was a surprising vote, since the Senate voted against a similar amendment proposed …