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October 29, 2007

Another Disgrace For FEMA

Filed under: Environment,News,Policy - 29 Oct 2007

Feeble FEMA — it’s really almost too easy. Anyway, why not: the failing government agency actually had the gall to stage a fake press conference today on the the Southern California fire situation. The conference was staffed …

September 29, 2007

Budget Problems for Bush

According to VOA news, Congress did not approve Bush’s budget for the coming fiscal year. As a result, Bush is signing emergency legislation to keep the government functioning for the next seven weeks.

The main disagreement seems to be over …

June 18, 2007

White House Emails Likely Violated the Hatch Act

Filed under: Federal Law,Policy,White House - 18 Jun 2007

The Hatch Act, 5 USC ยง 7324, states:
(a) A political employee may not engage in political activity —
(1) while the employee is on duty;
(2) in any room or building occupied in the discharge of official duties by an individual employed …