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July 26, 2007

Hazelton, PA’s Illegal Immigration Reform Overruled

Filed under: Immigration,Local Law - 26 Jul 2007

The small town of Hazelton, PA attempted to pass legislation earlier this year to penalize businesses that support illegal immigration. With broad support from the city counsel, Mayor Barletta designed the bill in a similar fashion to other attempts …

July 9, 2007

Lower Manhattan Security Initiative Rolls Forward

Filed under: Local Law,News,Terrorism - 09 Jul 2007

The Lower Manhattan Security Initiative has gone into effect, despite the obvious controversy. By the end of the year, over 100 cameras will be in place around Lower Manhattan, south of Canal Street and, if the plan receives full …

July 5, 2007

Bootlegging Becomes A Misdemeanor In New York

Filed under: Local Law,Misdemeanor,State Law - 05 Jul 2007

If any of you have traversed the subterranean train stations of New York City in recent years, you’re familiar with the ubiquitous blanket display of bootlegged movies, some only released a day or two earlier. This scene may become …

May 7, 2007

Native Resistance to Cockfighting Legislation

Filed under: Animals,Local Law,State Law,Violence - 07 May 2007

Predictably, cockfighters and gamebreeders in Hawai’i are upset with the new federal legislation which renders the violent sport a felony.

While progressively minded folks on the mainland may have their minds made up over the issue, the fact is …