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June 18, 2007

Minimum Wage Gets A Sudden Hike

Filed under: Labor - 18 Jun 2007

In late May President Bush signed a federal minimum wage law that will raise the minimum wage by about 40% over the next two years. The wage increase will go into effect on July 23.

This is the first minimum …

June 12, 2007

No Overtime Pay For America’s Home Care Workers

Filed under: Labor,Labor Department - 12 Jun 2007

The Supreme Court ruled yesterday that America’s home care workers are not entitled to overtime pay. The unanimous decision came in the case of Evelyn Coke, a 73 year-old retiree of the service industry, who sought to overturn a …

June 11, 2007

Interns, Know Your Rights

Filed under: Civil Rights,Labor - 11 Jun 2007

As millions of young people begin their internships this summer, it is a good idea to be reminded of what an intern really is. It is extremely common for young people to be brought on as “interns” by small …