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October 17, 2007

The First Thing About Investing

Filed under: Insurance - 17 Oct 2007

How old are you? Really this isn’t so much a personal question as it is a question of what risk it’s appropriate for you to take with your money. Young people really shouldn’t be keeping their money in …

August 15, 2007

Just A Thought On Whole Life Insurance

Filed under: Insurance,Law - 15 Aug 2007

The risk of death at two or three years old is incredibly low in our society. So why not buy a “whole life” insurance policy on your toddler now, when the premium will be ridiculously low, so that the …

May 8, 2007

Big Pharma Wins, Again

Filed under: Health Care,Insurance - 08 May 2007

Legislation that would have allowed prescription drugs to be imported to the United States and purchased for much lower prices here was crushed in the Senate yesterday. In a 49-40 vote, the Senate ruled that the administration must go …