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August 15, 2007

Justice Department Promulgates New Rules on Death Penalty

Filed under: Criminal Law,DOJ,Felony - 15 Aug 2007

The Justice Department has promulgated a new rule that would allow Attorney General Alberto Gonzales to “fast-track” federal death penalty cases, cutting down on the number of appeals. Like many things done by the Bush Administration, the new rules …

July 4, 2007

Oh Come On: Bush May Pardon Libby Yet

Filed under: Bush,Crime,Felony,News - 04 Jul 2007

Incredibly, it seems that Bush has not fully ruled out a full pardon of Scooter Libby. It was shocking enough that Bush decided to commute Libby’s sentence this week only hours after it was ruled that he could not …

June 14, 2007

Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act In Action

Filed under: Criminal Law,Federal Law,Felony - 14 Jun 2007

Yesterday, Shroma Hollywood Lang became the second man convicted under a new federal law, the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act, which prosecutes convicted sex offenders for failing to register as sex offenders when they move into a new …

June 13, 2007

Iowa: “Dismemberment a Felony!”

Filed under: Crime,Felony - 13 Jun 2007

I find it amenable to break, from time to time, from standard-practice tracing of highly politicized (and highly publicized) legislation and prosecution of the law in Washington. So, without further delay:

The good state of Iowa has made it a …

May 6, 2007

Animal Fighting Becomes a Felony

Filed under: Animals,Crime,Felony - 06 May 2007

Dog fighting has been illegal throughout the USA for some time, and a felony in 46 states (not including ID, IA, WV and WY); cockfighting has been a felony in 33 states and was still legal in Louisiana (New Mexico …