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October 12, 2007

Leave Turkey Alone

Filed under: Ethics,International - 12 Oct 2007

Congress seems to be operating with the same level of international acumen as Bush this week. Why, why, would Congress specifically focus on the World War I-era killings of over 1 million Armenians now? Why take the time …

October 8, 2007

Brown’s Britain Withdraws Further

Filed under: Ethics,Military,News,Politics,War - 08 Oct 2007

At the beginning of the invasion of Iraq, the United Kingdom had committed almost 50,000 troops to the war effort. Now, there are only 5,500. Stabilization in the region – as well as the tremendous unpopularity of the …

September 30, 2007

Hints of a New Race to the Moon

Filed under: Environment,Ethics,International,News - 30 Sep 2007

It looks like the major governments of the world are turning a little more interest towards sending manned missions to the moon – and even establishing bases there. Last week, at a global conference on space exploration held in …

September 28, 2007

Connecticut Catholics & Contraception

Filed under: Debate,Ethics - 28 Sep 2007

Connecticut Catholic hospitals have agreed to issue emergency contraceptives to rape victims in accordance with a new state law, Plan B, set to go into effect next week. This announcement comes as a surprise, since it was generally expected …

June 20, 2007

For Nifong, Disbarment and Disgrace Are Enough

Filed under: Ethics - 20 Jun 2007

Mike Nifong, the Durham County DA whose questionable conduct in the prosecution of three Duke lacrosse players falsely accused of rape led him to be disbarred this week, may face significant legal action in the near future.

The three …

June 16, 2007

Duke Prosecutor Disbarred; National Disconnect on War on Terror Still Going Strong

Filed under: Ethics - 16 Jun 2007

The district attorney who pursued false charges of rape against Duke lacrosse players, Michael Nifong, has been permanently disbarred by a state ethics panel. The chairman of the panel, which reached an unanimous decision, stated: “This matter has been …