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October 29, 2007

Another Disgrace For FEMA

Filed under: Environment,News,Policy - 29 Oct 2007

Feeble FEMA — it’s really almost too easy. Anyway, why not: the failing government agency actually had the gall to stage a fake press conference today on the the Southern California fire situation. The conference was staffed …

September 30, 2007

Hints of a New Race to the Moon

Filed under: Environment,Ethics,International,News - 30 Sep 2007

It looks like the major governments of the world are turning a little more interest towards sending manned missions to the moon – and even establishing bases there. Last week, at a global conference on space exploration held in …

July 15, 2007

The Importance of Alternative Energy

Filed under: Environment,EPA - 15 Jul 2007

Global warming, uncertain oil supplies, and a seemingly endless appetite for energy consumption are three things Americans should be focusing on. The pentagon issued a report months ago about the potential global insecurity and chaos that could be the …

June 23, 2007

Victory For States’ Rights In Environmental Ruling

Filed under: Environment,EPA,Law - 23 Jun 2007

A federal appeals court has overturned a ruling that tossed out key provisions of a Massachusetts state law aimed at preventing oil spills, a move environmentalists hailed as a victory in efforts to beef up protection of the state’s waterways …

June 2, 2007

Connecticut Passes Energy Reform Bill, 128-19

Filed under: Environment,EPA,State Law - 02 Jun 2007

Connecticut is taking the task of creating a more energy-efficient America seriously.

The bill that passed in Connecticut’s senate yesterday creates rebates for households that buy new energy-efficient heating equipment and air conditioners, requires state agencies to study and …

May 24, 2007

California’s Clean Air Policy Influences Neighbor States

Filed under: Environment,State Law - 24 May 2007

Already the state with the strictest pollution laws in the nation, California is now using its clout to influence the pollution laws of other states. In a sense.

For the most part, California has phased out coal-fired generators …