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December 8, 2007

Oprah For Vice President

Filed under: Elections - 08 Dec 2007

The most popular woman in media has thrown her full weight behind Obama, telling Iowa and the world that Barrack “is the one.” What’s amazing is that it’s been suggested that Oprah might end up as Obama’s running mate: …

November 20, 2007

Clinton’s Tired “Experience” Tack

Filed under: Elections - 20 Nov 2007

Obama has made the claim that the time he spent living in Indonesia as a boy has given him insight into the way that people around the world think and live. This seems particularly valid, considering that Indonesia is …

November 19, 2007

Obama & Clinton, On Experience

Filed under: Debate,Elections - 19 Nov 2007

Senator Clinton is really laying the “no experience” sauce on thick. During the recent Las Vegas Democratic candidate debates, she implied that none of the other candidates will have the experience to tackle the looming economic crisis (I’m acquainted …

November 2, 2007

Obama’s Senate Resolution

Filed under: Bush,Elections - 02 Nov 2007

The Clinton campaign is claiming that Senator Obama is playing politics rather than taking a leadership role from the get-go — which appears to be the same in my mind as calling him a little dishonest and cowardly — but …

October 31, 2007

Democrats Get Nasty

Filed under: Elections - 31 Oct 2007

A little nasty, anyway. While debates among the Republican candidates have been marked by a particularly fierce and contentious attitude, Democrats have largely remained civil in their interactions. However, in yesterday’s Democratic candidate debates — the first in …

October 9, 2007

Oh, Republican Candidates

Filed under: Debate,Elections - 09 Oct 2007

The bickering between Republican candidates that we’re seeing (specifically between Giuliani and Romney, over their respective tax records) makes the glancing discredits that the democratic candidates lob at one another seem mild. Permit me a moment of simple pleasure …

October 6, 2007

Musharraf Maintains Power

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Musharraf, the military dictator – er, President? – of Pakistan, has made it through the latest set of rigged elections, and remains in control of his country. For now. Only one opposition party was allowed to participate in …

August 20, 2007

Hillary’s Hawkishness an Endorsement of the Surge?

Filed under: Elections,Iraq,News - 20 Aug 2007

The Drudge Report is currently leading with a headline entitled: Hillary on Surge? ‘It’s working’ . . . While Mrs. Clinton is certainly one of the more hawkish Democratic candidates I was surprised that she had come out in …

July 27, 2007

GOP Skittish Over YouTube Debate

Filed under: Elections,News,Technology - 27 Jul 2007

Josh Marshall is reporting over at that Mr. Giulliani and Mr. Romney are both attempting to weasel out of the upcoming GOP YouTube debate. While commentators over at the sight have put forth a variety of theories on …

July 23, 2007

Presidential Debates With The YouTube Community

Filed under: Elections,Technology - 23 Jul 2007

Not strictly a topic of law, I nevertheless find the mere existence of today’s Democratic presidential debate, with serious questions addressed to the candidates via YouTube video submissions, to be worthy of a little nod. Bringing the field of …