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October 21, 2007

Hey, Burglary

Filed under: Crime,Criminal Law - 21 Oct 2007

Burglary is a species of larceny in which the criminal enters some sort of structure that doesn’t belong to him to perpetrate the crime. The structure does not have to be a home or business (though these are the …

October 20, 2007


Filed under: Crime,Criminal Law - 20 Oct 2007

Bribery is the practice of using money to solicit cooperation from someone in a position of relative power. Bribery is most famously exercised on politicians by wealthy “interest groups,” however any illegal action that is solicited with the use …

October 15, 2007

Assault, Battery & Aggravated Assault, a primer

Filed under: Crime,Criminal Law - 15 Oct 2007

A person can be charged with assault when he physically attacks another person, attempts to attack, or moves in a manner that intimidates another person into believing that he or she will be attacked. Traditionally, assault referred to the …

October 14, 2007

Arson (One of Our Favorites)

Filed under: Crime,Criminal Law - 14 Oct 2007

Arson is a crime that involves burning down a structure of any kind when you shouldn’t. Usually, you shouldn’t. Even burning your own home down – without the intention of committing insurance fraud, just for fun – is …

October 6, 2007

Aiding and Abetting

Filed under: Crime,Criminal Law - 06 Oct 2007

Criminal charges can usually be brought against someone who helps in the commission of a crime. It’s not necessary for the aiding or abetting party to directly participate in the crime, or even be present at the time of …

October 5, 2007

Insurance Fraud

Filed under: Crime,Criminal Law - 05 Oct 2007

Hello, children. Tonight’s little law blurb is on Insurance Fraud. It’s a simple concept that works two ways – either individuals rip off insurance companies or companies rip off individuals.

Intentionally destroying a car, home, or other …

October 4, 2007

Grand Theft, Petty Theft

Filed under: Crime,Criminal Law - 04 Oct 2007

A minor academic note this evening, and a bit of common sense. The difference between grand theft and petty theft is one of value (that is, the value of what was stolen). Usually, the monetary boundary is fairly …

September 22, 2007

Involuntary Intoxication, Maybe

Filed under: Crime,Criminal Law,Law - 22 Sep 2007

Oh, intoxication. Is there any problem you can’t not solve? As it turns out, the majority of idiotic criminal actions that that might seem like a really great idea to a drunk person …

September 21, 2007

When “Consent” Doesn’t Help

Filed under: Crime,Criminal Law - 21 Sep 2007

Maybe it’s stating the obvious, but there can be some pretty sticky hang-ups to using the “consent” defense in a criminal trial.

First of all, if the person who gave consent had no authority to do so (for example, I can’t …

September 17, 2007

Larceny By Trick

Filed under: Crime,Criminal Law - 17 Sep 2007

When someone who has been entrusted with property and is expected to dispose of it in some pre-agreed upon way in fact misappropriates that property for his own gain, he is guilty of “larceny by trick” if he in fact …

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