Obama’s Senate Resolution

The Clinton campaign is claiming that Senator Obama is playing politics rather than taking a leadership role from the get-go — which appears to be the same in my mind as calling him a little dishonest and cowardly — but there doesn’t seem to be anything inconsistent or spineless about Obama’s most recent move in the Senate: drafting a resolution that would explicitly deny President Bush the authority to invade Iran.

Obama’s resolution is designed to explicitly counter a recent vote of the Senate, which decided to label Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guard — the loose equivalent of the United States’ elite Marine Corps — as a terrorist organization. Bush is of course the Commander In Chief in the current War On Terror, which would give him a fair bit of unilateral authority to invade Iran in the coming year if push comes to shove. (Clinton, it should be noted, was the only Democrat who supported this measure, claiming that it is a diplomatic move rather than a preamble to war.)

Obama again appears to be demonstrating that he is a consistently brave and staunch advocate for peace and diplomatic conversation.

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