When Mr. Bush was campaigning in 1999 and 2000, he often promised a new era of government. He pledged to return dignity to the White House in the wake of the Republican driven Lewinsky fiasco, and he has often talked (both then and now) about accountability.

As Mr. Rove has begun his parade through the media, first in The Politico, then Rush Limbaugh, and I am sure in other outlets to follow, the hollowness of Mr. Bush’s campaigning pledges has become more and more obvious (though to many, it has been obvious for years). As the “Architect” Mr. Rove has played a major role in the dirty politics promulgated by Mr. Bush and his Republican allies, but Mr. Rove has not, nor has anyone else, been held accountable by Mr. Bush.

Mr. Rove’s participation in the leak of Valerie Plame’s identity was papered over. Mr. Rove’s politicization of numerous government offices, most likely in violation of the Hatch Act, may never come fully into the light, despite the current investigation by the House Oversight Committee. President Bush has already signaled that he doesn’t care about the politically motivated firings of Assistant Attorney Generals, which Mr. Rove likely played a heavy role in as well.

This is the face of today’s Republican Party: those most responsible for egregious acts are held up as heroes, geniuses, or martyrs. Modern day Republicans care about power first and foremost; principle is only a handy rhetorical device, and accountability a quaint idea long ago cast aside.

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