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December 8, 2007

Oprah For Vice President

Filed under: Elections - 08 Dec 2007

The most popular woman in media has thrown her full weight behind Obama, telling Iowa and the world that Barrack “is the one.” What’s amazing is that it’s been suggested that Oprah might end up as Obama’s running mate: …

December 6, 2007

Fred Thompson?

Filed under: International - 06 Dec 2007

Oh what a stir Monday’s intelligence report has caused. Everybody wants a piece. Just for amusement, just because it sounds absurd and pathetic, here’s a darned quote from tough-as-nails-by-gad presidential contender Fred Thompson:

“The administration gets to say its …

December 5, 2007

More On The Iran Intelligence Report

Filed under: International - 05 Dec 2007

There are some pretty strong claims floating around that the U.S. Intelligence community’s statement from Monday is less than perfectly accurate, and it’s only fair to give these suggestions a little air. The chief objection is that the lines …

December 4, 2007

Amadinejad Sure Is Shrewd

Filed under: International - 04 Dec 2007

While most of the world breathes a collective sigh of relief as the specter of war with Iran recedes a little, President Amadinejad wasted no time in making what I think is a rather shocking proposal this afternoon, at a …

December 3, 2007


Filed under: International - 03 Dec 2007

Sometimes I feel like our country acts like a big, ugly chode. Especially when it comes to foreign policy, and especially when it comes to our current administration’s attitude towards foreign policy. But when one part of our …

December 2, 2007

Iran’s Uranium Enrichment

Filed under: International - 02 Dec 2007

Iran took a very important step today towards provoking economic sanctions. Saeed Jalil, Iran’s nuclear negotiator with the UN, sat down for five hours of debate today with the promise that he would bring “new initiatives” to the table: …

November 30, 2007

Counterinsurgency Field Manual

Filed under: War - 30 Nov 2007

Baghdad, Baqubah, Basra and Iraq in general have by no means settled down and become peaceful. Roadside bombs are killing American soldiers, suicide bombs are massacring Iraqi civilians and police. But some progress is being made, as is …

Truce In Baghdad Seems To Hold

Filed under: Iraq,War - 30 Nov 2007

When additional American forces were deployed to Iraq, many of them were assigned to the impoverished neighborhood called Sadr City, where the Mahdi Army (Jaish al-Mahdi, or “JAM” in American military shorthand) has been attempting to establish itself as the …

November 28, 2007

Not That Bad In France

Filed under: Immigration - 28 Nov 2007

It seems that our Gallic partners in the West are not to suffer the fire and chaos that swept the nation two years ago. After only a few days of violent unrest in the Parisian suburbs — including the …

November 27, 2007

French Suburbs Rekindled

Filed under: International - 27 Nov 2007

On Sunday, two teenagers in an immigrant suburb called Villiers-le-Bel, about twelve miles north of Paris’ center, collided with a police car and were killed. Claims that the accident was the result of police negligence — or perhaps hostility …

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