Liquor Licenses

A California Liquor License seems like it should be easy to obtain. This isn’t the case & unfortunately it’s not easy in other States either.

Two friends are entering the restaurant business – one in California & one in Florida. I offered to help them with their research into obtaining a liquor license for their respective establishments. I figured the processes would be similar enough that I could essentially kill two birds with one stone. Big mistake. The laws vary a lot from one state to the next.

Guys Drinking Beer

Sorting through the different bureaus of each State was headache enough – Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control for California, & the Department of Business & Professional Regulation for Florida. Then trying to sort through all the ins & outs of the procedure of actually obtaining the proper license – is it a bar? is it a restaurant? is it a grocery store? Too much for my time.

I was going to give up on helping out my friends and then I found Liquor License Specialists. They took care of everything – from finding the right permit to liquor license escrow.

If you need a liquor license for your establishment, I don’t recommend trying to figure this one out on your own. Use a quality Liquor License Broker like the Liquor License Specialists, and save yourself a lot of stress.