Missouri Law Attacks Abortion Clinics

Missouri just passed a new law challenging the ability of young women from obtaining abortions. This time, it is the clinics themselves that have come under pressure.

Missouri governor Matt Blunt signed legislation today that places abortion clinics under government oversight by classifying them as ambulatory surgical centers. What this means, in effect, is that Planned Parenthood clinics all over Missouri must shut down and renovate in order to meet the government standards of their new designation as ambulatory surgical centers. For example, state regulations require halls to be at least 8 feet wide leading to operating and recovery rooms and at least 5 feet wide elsewhere. Most Planned Parenthood facilities in Missouri do not meet these standards, and will be forced to close down for a time. Renovations will exceed $1 million, putting a serious financial burdens on the organization and making it very difficult for women to obtain abortions in the coming months.

The legislation goes into effect on August 28th.